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Thursday, December 9, 2010



Please go to to find FUN,FASHIONABLE & FUNCTIONAL items for mums with young children! Mostly imported form Europe, others designed for and made by Finika!
Unfortunately nobody left a comment ... so there are no winners!

I will run a GIVE AWAY QUARTERLY so keep coming back for a visit!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Iron On Appliques (Elephants)

Midi Boutique, 35 Elephants and Finika had a little gathering last Friday 26 November to invite the local ladies for a browse in these very cute shops. I also launched my website which looks amazing! Unfortunately something has gone a little wrong with my email, and loyal Charles is working really hard to fix this.......

Sorry for all of you I am, ignoring, but I really cant get to my emails!

I have given out some appliques on the evening as a little thank you for coming to the night!(little Elephants ... so cute!)

Below you will find some more information and how to apply it:

Iron-on velours is suitable for use on cotton, polyester or acryl, like t-shirts, polo shirts and other products made from these materials. It is washable up to 60°C and is colourfast. Never use liquid detergent/soap or bleech. Do not put the material in the dryer. No dry cleaning!
* Always pre-wash the T-shirt or fabric before applying the velours (at least once in the washing machine).
* Make sure that the fabric lays flat before applying. Pre-iron the fabric.
* The iron-on velours has a shiny side (the carrier, you will peel this off later) and a matte side (glue).
* Set your iron to the maximum temperature for cotton.
* Place the applique shiny side up on your fabric/t-shirt (matte/glue side down).
* Place a thin piece of fabric over the applique.
* Iron with medium pressure for 15-20 seconds on the applique.
* Let all cool down and remove carefully the carrier foil.
* Iron once again on the backside of the fabric.*
Always wash and iron you product inside out.