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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


In the name of inspiration I will be away from 2 - 14 Sept!Flying to Holland to give all my family and friends a most loving hug!
We see you soon, when I get back!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Willows Teahouse

Congratulations to Marijke, Cappo, Ryder, Sunny and Tully!
Living their dream, doing what they do best! Work as a team, serving delicious home made and baked brunch and cakes! Marijkes forever lasting positive smile, will make you smile, I guarantee!
Willows is situated at the Aireys Inlet Lighthouse, on the Great Ocean Road on your way to Lorne!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


The following shops are currently stocking Finika!

35 Elephants, Lorne
Willows Teahouse, Aireys Inlet
The Clothes Line, Beechworth

Soon to come...

Two Rooms on Main Street, Colac

The ball is rolling!

I dont know if any of you can relate to this feeling ... but I try to describe it.

It took us 36 months to conceive our fisrt baby. We had accupuncture, changed diets and had our regular dose of some little herbal tablets! After 3 months I had this feeling that I could be pregnant so off to the local pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test. About 5 minutes later I was dancing, and spinning in the middle of the living room, jumping up and down!

I just had a simlar experience 10 minutes ago! I had a phonecall from one of my favourite boutiques, Two Rooms on the Main Street, in Colac, a gorgeous shop full of accessories and gorgeous clothing, catering for all budgets! She had a customer who had one of my Finika bags and wanted to place a wholesale order! Even though my label is now in three shops already, this is the first shop approaching me! Thanks Ann!

The ball is rolling and I better get sewing!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Use of Colors

As weird as it sounds, I have had so much time to browse the web due to my two little ones being home from school ... sick! The winter bugs have been visiting our school and how cosy is that! No social commitments, no supermarket visits, no lunch making, no drop off, no pick up, no after school activities, no dinner!
Lucky enough my web designer Charles didnt worry about the bugs in my house and came to visit me a couple of times to discuss some final touches. So many desicions to make! We came across the importance of color choice. So here an article relating to the choice of colors in website design.
I wonder if you think I have learned anything when you see my website?!
Launching around 1 October.

Monday, August 2, 2010

You can do anything you want

First of all I apologise for taking such a long time to post this post! We went away, and I did not get any inspiration... maybe just a tiny little (I did end up in Spotlight in Burnleigh where I bought material to make heatpacks). We got home and work was calling, then the kids got sick, my computer had to go to hospital with a bad virus and due to a bad mix of circimstances I started to slip down on a negative spiral! Fighting to crawl out of it , but not fully succeeding, my husband with his very straight approach, TOLD ME TO GET OUT OF IT! "This is not you any more" is what he started yelling! At the time I was very angry with him ... it is not a deliberate decision to go into a negative spral, but somehow it is ... because I was able to crawl out and here I am again!
How grateful am I that I was able to get out, pick up the pieces and move forward.
Since then I have had several meetings with my website designer, have booked a trip to some tradefairs in Europe ... after all I started Finika to be able to see my very special family and friends! How exciting. Next week a very special friend is taking me to the tradefairs in Melbourne, so I can experience and learn some tricks of the trade.

....... Last night I went to an "introduction to photo shop" course at our local community centre. Of course we all introduced eachother, but the one who gave me the title for todays post was the teacher herself named Kirstin Honey!
A 33 year old lady, who is having her birthday today.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIRSTIN!"
She is a musician, composer, artist, small business owner and current world champion 24 hour mountainbike riding! Goodness me! She only started bikeriding 6 years ago! She really inspired me that if you put in your mind you really want something ... you will achieve it!