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Thursday, August 19, 2010

The ball is rolling!

I dont know if any of you can relate to this feeling ... but I try to describe it.

It took us 36 months to conceive our fisrt baby. We had accupuncture, changed diets and had our regular dose of some little herbal tablets! After 3 months I had this feeling that I could be pregnant so off to the local pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test. About 5 minutes later I was dancing, and spinning in the middle of the living room, jumping up and down!

I just had a simlar experience 10 minutes ago! I had a phonecall from one of my favourite boutiques, Two Rooms on the Main Street, in Colac, a gorgeous shop full of accessories and gorgeous clothing, catering for all budgets! She had a customer who had one of my Finika bags and wanted to place a wholesale order! Even though my label is now in three shops already, this is the first shop approaching me! Thanks Ann!

The ball is rolling and I better get sewing!

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