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Friday, May 13, 2011

Exciting News

Well...since this blog is about my success story...Finika... I thought I better share the following with you.
A few years ago I started quilting, with some lovely ladies from Lorne...Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia. To be honest the pressure of having to finish such an enormous HANDMADE piece of art gave me headaches..but it did enspire me to start FINIKA. At Christmas time we had to make eachother a gift, as a ChrisCrinckle...
I found the pattern to a gorgeous little coin purse at I got great feedback and a year and a bit later I had made that many that I decided to have a stall at the 2010 Easter market in Lorne. Now I year later I have opened a shop called The Last Unicorn with my friend Melanie who migrated 8 months ago from England to Lorne, bringing a shipping container full of original French Decorative Antiques! We have put all our goodies together and I must say..the shop looks stunning. You can find us at shop 2/140 Mountjoy Parade, Lorne (between the Pharmacy and the Newsagency) Or on facebook at "The Last Unicorn" or "Finika". If you cant make it to Lorne... you can find all my products at ...24/7.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

That is a very long time ago!

Hi all, thanks for being so patient...
Introducing Finika's logo! Ohhhh, i have been so busy, but all good and very exciting! I will get back soon and inform you all on what has been happening the last couple of months.
But this is just to let you know, I am still moving forward, with exciting things happening on a daily basis.
till soon ... finika

Thursday, December 9, 2010



Please go to to find FUN,FASHIONABLE & FUNCTIONAL items for mums with young children! Mostly imported form Europe, others designed for and made by Finika!
Unfortunately nobody left a comment ... so there are no winners!

I will run a GIVE AWAY QUARTERLY so keep coming back for a visit!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Iron On Appliques (Elephants)

Midi Boutique, 35 Elephants and Finika had a little gathering last Friday 26 November to invite the local ladies for a browse in these very cute shops. I also launched my website which looks amazing! Unfortunately something has gone a little wrong with my email, and loyal Charles is working really hard to fix this.......

Sorry for all of you I am, ignoring, but I really cant get to my emails!

I have given out some appliques on the evening as a little thank you for coming to the night!(little Elephants ... so cute!)

Below you will find some more information and how to apply it:

Iron-on velours is suitable for use on cotton, polyester or acryl, like t-shirts, polo shirts and other products made from these materials. It is washable up to 60°C and is colourfast. Never use liquid detergent/soap or bleech. Do not put the material in the dryer. No dry cleaning!
* Always pre-wash the T-shirt or fabric before applying the velours (at least once in the washing machine).
* Make sure that the fabric lays flat before applying. Pre-iron the fabric.
* The iron-on velours has a shiny side (the carrier, you will peel this off later) and a matte side (glue).
* Set your iron to the maximum temperature for cotton.
* Place the applique shiny side up on your fabric/t-shirt (matte/glue side down).
* Place a thin piece of fabric over the applique.
* Iron with medium pressure for 15-20 seconds on the applique.
* Let all cool down and remove carefully the carrier foil.
* Iron once again on the backside of the fabric.*
Always wash and iron you product inside out.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Lunch Punch

Wow .... I was hunting for some more FUN, FASHIONABLE & FUNCTIONAL products on some sites in Holland ... and I found this amazing FIND! How groovy is that. I have been able to trace it down and the Lunch Punch is designed by lovely Kiersten from Melbourne, Australia. So I had to go all the way around the world to find this great product.
To win one of these amazing products help me spread the word that my webshop is officially opening on December 10!Please leave a comment too and I enter you in the draw. Winners will be announced on my blog on Dec 10! Thanks guys!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Well .... mum and I were in Paris at the Maison et Objet tradefair ... and I found this little character! Her name is Bubbles .. which happens to be our 1 year old Border Collies name as well.
Now for sale at 35 Elephants in Lorne. Although. I might just have to keep her!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


In preparation of the market, to be held on 30 October in Lorne, I have been very busy! BUT .... the weather forecast is extremely poor! So I have decided not to go to the market and focus on getting my products on the web!
This is a new product "Finika rompers". Imported from Holland, these rompers have a velour "iron on" made by my best friend in Holland "Marieke", applied by ME! An unique, high quality, partly handmade, trendy gift ... handy to keep your baby cool and look hot for these sunny summerdays!