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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

SHARING MEMORIES .... thats where its all about!

I was going to Holland on my own, to visit two trade fairs, 1 in Holand and 1 in Paris. Due to the high expence, the time frame, I thought it would be most sensible to go on my own.... but the night before my husband said "it is a real shame you are not taking Keira!"
So ... I went online, found out there was another seat avilable and about 3 hours later ... Keira was coming! Much nicer to be able to share memories with my precious girl! Paddy was more then happy to stay with dad!
So opa and oma had NO IDEA that Keira was coming! The best surprise ever! So arriving at my parents house opa and oma were straight into being opa and oma again! Folding "hoedjes van papier"!
I will include some fold instructions!

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